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Home air conditioning

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At Arctic Air, we have a reputation for quality, innovation and excellent workmanship that cannot be duplicated. When it comes to the service or repair of your heating and cooling systems, we have the experience you need. Our reliable professionals are dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectations. Our products consist of Lennox and Carrier Condensing Units such as the following:
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Dave Lennox Signature™ Collection
XC21 Air Conditioner
The most quiet and efficient central air conditioner you can buy

  • Efficiency ratings of up to 21.0 SEER – Nearly twice as efficient as a standard air conditioner
  • Energy Star® Qualified – Meets or exceeds EPA guidelines for energy efficiency


  • Exclusive Silent Comfort technology
  • Maintains precise temperatures at all times
  • Works to keep energy cost down


  • The quietest furnace you can buy
  • Auto adjustments allow maximum fuel efficiency
  • Advanced sound absorbing materials.

Lennox Air Cleaners

Improving indoor air quality has become a major concern for many homeowners. That's why a high-performance air cleaner is an important part of your total indoor comfort system. A high-efficiency home air cleaner is a practical solution to indoor pollution. It electronically collects airborne particles, many of which pass right through typical glass-fiber filters. Dirt, dust, grease and smoke particles are captured in the filter. Actually, most of the wear on carpets, paint and upholstery is caused by airborne dirt that collects on surfaces. When you walk on a carpet, touch paint or sit on upholstery, you grind in these abrasive particles, causing unnecessary wear. With a quality air cleaner, most particles are filtered out instead of being ground in. When heating and cooling unit components get dirty, they operate less efficiently and consume more energy. With a quality electronic air cleaner, parts stay cleaner longer. That helps keep your energy bills down and reduces system maintenance.


Proper humidity reduces heating costs by stopping wood shrinkage, which reduces cold air infiltration around door and window frames. In turn, you'll feel warm at lower temperatures. You can actually dial down the thermostat and continue to feel comfortable. In cases where excessive dry air has been the cause of physical aggravations, doctors have prescribed whole-house humidification. Furnishings are protected with proper humidity too, reducing the damaging effects of heated, parched air upon everything from wood floors to plants.

We at Arctic Air take pride in our work and believe that if we provide excellent service at a reasonable price, our customers will be satisfied. When it comes to your family, you want a dependable air conditioning and heating system that will provide you with value as well as comfort.